Dream Catalogue releases “Surreal” by CVLTVRE

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from CVLTVRE – it seems he even dropped the sigma and opted for a real “E” this time! Jokes aside, the last several appearances of this artist have been as guest features on albums such as We’re Worried About You by COCAINEJESUS and an edition of the Carrelage phonique various artists compilation put out by Adhesive Sounds. SURREAL is CVLTVRE’s 2016 foray into the genre, utilizing aspects of trap music, downtempo electronica, and computer-music (dare I say… vaporwave?) aesthetic. Songs are relatively short; only three pass the three-minute mark. SURREAL is available for £4 as a digital download and for £9 on turquoise shell cassette in an edition of 200.

Check it out below:



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