Online Records dual release: HANTASAL and HANTASI

The netlabel Online Records typically releases long-form ambient and experimental tracks; Thursday’s dual-release of music by HANTASAL and HANTASI1 somewhat subverts that trend. The HANTASAL album CRYSTAL is nine tracks of dreampunk, vaporwave, and urban/club music to create a quite-unquantifiable album of avant-garde electronica. The HANTASI album NET TOUR is more in-line with other Online Records releasing, taking the form of two long tracks, the first of which sounds like an unfinished download, and the second sounds like an unfinished download run through a magnet and a 56kbps bit rate. The former album is available for $1 as a digital download, and the latter album is free.

Check them out below:



1Coincidence? I think not.


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