t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者 – 現実を超えて

Recommendation: ☀☁☁

Although 現実を超えて1 was never an official DC release, it is something of a precursor to the many endeavors that telepath and his ilk would explore on-label and off-label. Released almost exactly five months after stylistic codifier 未来へ, 現実を超えて continued the artist’s unique strain of ambient vaporwave in his trademark phasing production and bassy percussion. 現実を超えて creates a bluesy atmosphere that’s intimately connected with vaporwave’s origins through the utilization of tempo-shifted popular hits juxtaposed with cinematic instrumentals.

There are plenty of notable cuts: opening track “デジタルライフ” has a downtempo, almost trip-hop vibe that evokes similar feelings of bliss as Air’s “La Femme d’Argent” off of Moon Safari; and “消えていく” utilizes the chorus of new wave classic “Digging Your Scene” by The Blow Monkeys to excellent effect. There are several shorter songs that act as hazy, jazzy interludes (e.g. “彼女を待っている” and “魅惑的な目”); despite their lack of length, they are by no means track filler.

Generally speaking, the album’s second half is the stronger half, as they include the long-form songs on which telepath shines, and the first half is mostly the same VHS pop/late night lo-fi that telepath had been making for several albums prior. “あなたを待って” is one of telepath’s longest tracks,2 topping off at nearly fifteen minutes in length, and it is smooth jazz relaxation sans any of the kitsch that such a phrase typically implies. “セックスファンタジー” emphasizes the downtempo side of telepath through repeating a harp arpeggio and a scintillating major chord progression. This album came out only four months prior to the first collaboration with HKE as 2814, and these longer tracks give a hint of what was to come.

現実を超えて demonstrates telepath’s gradual shift from late night VHS-pop mixes to the long downtempo excursions that would define an entire subgenre of vaporwave music and directly influence a multitude of artists and even several labels.3 The first half of the album is not necessary for those who have explored 未来へ and its sisters, but the second half demonstrates the exceptional ambiance with which telepath has made – and continues to make – an astounding mark on vaporwave and electronic music production through the decade.



1. デジタルライフ – (5:35)4
2. あなたの世界 – (4:21)5
3. 部屋の向こうから – (4:45)6
4. 消えていく – (5:23)7
5. 欲望 – (3:28)8
6. 私はあなたが欲しいんだよ – (4:47)9
7. ハイパーリアリティ – (2:04)10
8. セックスファンタジー – (9:23)11
9. 彼女の目の輝き – (1:56)12
10. あなたを待って – (14:13)13
11. 彼女を待っている – (1:44)14
12. 彼女は夜に訪問 – (8:31)15
13. 魅惑的な目 – (1:38)16


1Japanese translation: “Beyond the reality”
2… that isn’t related to the Virtual Dream Plaza project, of course.
3E.g. Dream Catalogue, TKX Vault/Tokyo exchange, and BLCR Laboratories.
4Japanese translation: “Digital life”
5Japanese translation: “Your world”
6Japanese translation: “From across the room”
7Japanese translation: “Disappear”
8Japanese translation: “Desire”
9Japanese translation: “I want you”
10Japanese translation: “Hyper reality”
11Japanese translation: “Sex fantasy”
12Japanese translation: “Her eyes sparkle”
13Japanese translation: “Waiting for you”
14Japanese translation: “Waiting for her”
15Japanese translation: “She visited at night”
16Japanese translation: “Seductive eyes”


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