Blank Banshee self-releases “MEGA”

Yes, it’s out. No, it’s not a joke. And yes, I agree: about fucking time.

MEGA is the new Blank Banshee album, his first under the moniker in three years, ever since Blank Banshee 1 came out. It’s fifteen tracks of vaportrap, utilizing Blank Banshee’s classic form of synth, electronic, and club music mixed up together. This album plays the “trap” side a little less, instead opting for a more vapor-hoppy sound and quite a bit more original material. There’s plenty of Windows start-up sounds, club jingles, and Chrono Trigger references inside. In fact, why are you still reading this? If you know that Blank Banshee is a thing, why did you even click on this article? There’s nothing I can tell you that can’t hype you up more than you’ve already been hyped already. Really, I could type anything here, as anyone who’s been following this album’s weird release schedule is likely not gonna waste time when they could be listening to this. I like potatoes. Particularly, sweet potatoes. My girlfriend does not like sweet potatoes, and it makes me sad. The album is available as a pay-what-you-want digital download (for now).

Check it out below:



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