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The future is and always has been vague, and the tag “futuristic” is more so. What the hell is implied by “futuristic”? Whose future – or what’s? Are we going five minutes into the future to a post-2016 election cycle,1 a thousand years forward where Nixon’s head is president of the world, or farther still to some ethereal After The End? What is the social structure of the future: dystopic, utopic – myopic? Thinking about tomorrow’s breakfast2 is in the future, as is wondering when/if the Kilauea basalt sheet will lose stability and plunge into the Pacific Ocean.3 Like the word “interesting,” it’s a word that one might say but doesn’t say anything in itself.

Exhibition is futuristic as is connoted by all of that word’s ambiguity. Washed-out synth drones, minor keys, and effects that could be from nature but sound just barely artificial enough to be questioned. A bizarre cover artwork that has a representation of humanity but distorted just enough to fit slightly into the uncanny valley, with what could either be a city landscape or a computer’s motherboard in the foreground. It’s a big ball of uncertainty that demonstrates an etiolated vision of humanity’s maturing digital age – something that’s often done in vaporwave and its related genres, but approached by Exhibitions from the perspective of meta-futurism rather than literal futurism.

It’s quite beautiful, too. The tracks aren’t so much songs as they are movements of a single twenty-one minute suite – one that is most effective when listened front-to-back without skips. Exhibition is mostly composed of synth drones that change in texture per track with no percussion. It’s mixed cleanly and quietly,4 which makes louder listens that much more encompassing. Give it a whirl, and be given one in return.



1. Mind Eraser – (2:56)
2. Gliding Zones – (2:40)
3. Blue Room – (2:16)
4. Gallery – (2:48)
5. Transfusion – (2:32)
6. New Theology – (2:52)
7. Contracted – (2:44)
8. You Are the Exhibition – (2:56)


1… because that would be awesome.
2Clif Bar and banana, then hummus + carrots when I get to work.
3I just learned about this yesterday! The sheet itself is tens of kilometers long/wide, but pieces break off relatively frequently, as happened a few years ago.
4… something that instantly gives it more points in my book. After years of DJing independent radio, loud production aggravates the hell out of me. Unless it’s stylistic: like crust punk, that shit’s awesome.


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