Dream Catalogue unveils the Vault EVE imprint

Those who mourned the closure of TKX Vault and Nirvana Port earlier this summer may have something to celebrate today: Dream Catalogue unveiled the new imprint Vault EVE after some cryptic Twitter messages the past couple of days. So far, there is one release, Stay Away by Ancient Sandtimer, with a total of thirty-three albums to be expected from the imprint in its lifetime.

The vault is framed as being a series of translated and decoded transmissions of “unknown high security data,” with a welcoming messages admonishing listeners to “[p]lease bare (sic) with us while we attempt to deconstruct EVE-000 for future presentation.” The Stay Away album includes a short blurb that states “THERE IS A WORLD BEYOND THE LIMITATIONS OF YOUR BEASTBODY PERCEPTION. PLEASE REFRAIN FROM DISMANTLING THE SCREEN. THE PRECIOUS MATERIALS. CONTINUE.”

Stay Away harkens back to latter-day TKX Vault’s experimental releases with more influence on the side of noise, ambient music, and electronica. It’s available as a pay-what-you-want digital download.

Check it out below:



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