cereaʟ – Opening Soon

Recommendation: ☀☁☁

Opening Soon is a five-track extended-play by cereaʟ, one of only two releases ever put out by this Australian artist. This EP is mallsoft, but with a twist: rather than produce what would come from the PA speakers in a mall or make the soundtrack to an empty and soulless shopping experience, Opening Soon is a field recording of the shopping experience in a lively, active mall. Each track is actually several distinct bits of songs jammed together, as if the counter employee isn’t sure what Pandora station should play. Crowd chatter, rain sound, and keypad typing bookend songs and sections, giving this mall a feeling of things that are actually happening rather than what once were. “Janitor’s Cold” features a cool effect that sounds as if the aux cable were pulled out of playback and “Stereo Was Bought Here” leads in way too loudly, as if someone is testing out stereos in the electronics section. Special mention goes to “Hairdressers” though, as it uses the same haunting piano melody as “ZONED IN” by ECO-WIFI on the LIQUID TELEVISION EP.

Opening Soon is a hidden gem of mallsoft music, and it’s one that’s often overlooked.



1. Can You Smell That… – (3:18)
2. Janitor’s Cold – (3:12)
3. Hairdressers – (2:36)
4. Stereo Was Bought Here – (1:44)
5. Mallday, Everyday – (2:30)



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