Naughty Night releases “™Ç” by 회사AUTO

Here’s new music from Naught Night, their first album since September’s IN DA BEACH by M4. It’s ™Ç by 회사AUTO, the creator of the tech noir project. ™Ç utilizes the artist’s unique form of vaporwave, instrumental hip-hop, and glitch music, with a bit more focus on the “glitch” part this time around as compared to the future funkiness and uptempo jams of albums such as -Q. There’s some ECCOJAMS present as well, such as “칭찬2_PGRESS 2.0.” ™Ç is available for €3 as a digital download and for €8 on clear shell cassette in an edition of 100.

Check it out below:



One comment

  • mat

    ah yes
    the good ol auto
    practically unheard of in the vw scene except a few of their records lol
    this album was a huge mindfuck on first listen
    i assume this is yr first runthru?
    check out some of their other stuff
    super cool


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