Elemental 95 releases “エコージャムDATING SIMULATOR” by Squarecom広場SOFTWARE

Here’s something new from the classic-style vaporwave label Elemental 95: エコージャムDATING SIMULATOR by Squarecom広場SOFTWARE. This album is a mix between early hypnagogic drift and ECCOJAMS, edging toward “classic” classic-style but with a bit more of an ambient twist that isn’t normally heard in contemporary releases. エコージャムDATING SIMULATOR utilizes similar tropes as its titular ECCOJAMS progenitor – there’s even the ECCO logo on the album artwork – but takes an even more narcotic approach. This album is available as a pay-what-you-want digital download and for €6 on aqua-blue cassette in an edition of fifty.

Check it out below:



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