Unchill Records launches the Sea of Clouds imprint

The Unchill Records label has unveiled a new imprint called Sea of Clouds, starting off the run with three new albums by Dyb, Mindspring Memories, and s a k i 夢. Sea of Clouds markets itself as a more ambient, hypnagogic, and spacey reflection of the Unchill Records main roster; and two of the three kick-off albums have aquatic themes. Coral by Dyb is a single twenty-four minute track of extreme ambient/atmospheric music, with a bit of a dreampunk bent. मुक्ता भव यत्रासि by Mindspring Memories is four tracks, with a centerpiece starter track of thirty-one minutes in length with significant telepath flavors and surreal aesthetics, which are belied by the classic-style vaporwave album artwork. Finally, 海食洞 by s a k i 夢 is downtempo instrumental music with somewhat of a 2000s trip-hop feel; it’s also split up into ten individual tracks of between five and six minutes in length.

All releases are currently available for €1 as digital downloads, but there are several limited-edition merchandise deals that are up for grabs as well. Coral is available for €3 on CD-R; मुक्ता भव यत्रासि and 海食洞 are available for €5 on floppy-disc format. All purchasers of physical merchandise will also receive a Sea of Clouds bookmark, a sticker, a hand-written thank-you note, full-colored sleeves, and candy. For more information, go to the web site here.

Check out each album below:



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