tekres releases “Join Us” by MOD-COMM 81

tekres is a London, UK label owned and operated by Halo Acid, an IDM/ghost tech/vapor(-suffix) producer who previously appeared on TKX Vault with the album Days of Night late in this year’s Spring. Join Us is new music from MOD-COMM 81, and it’s a highly eclectic mix of dub, early-90s techno, and ghost tech music. It’s one of the only albums out there I can think of where the phrase “fuck reality” becomes a danceable beat, and it sure as hell does on the title track. From what I can tell, “Metrosong” doesn’t have too much to do with the titular vaporwave subgenre, but it does have a subdued, ambient techno approach that kinda-sorta sounds like it could come from a PA. “Rickmansworth” will satisfy anyone’s dub desire, and “Melody 81” is kinda like chiptune mixed with exotica. It’s available as a pay-what-you-want digital download, with cassette editions available for £9 in an edition of fifty.

Check it out below:



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