Online Records releases the “Online V” compilation

It’s been a bit since we’ve heard from Online Records, but they’re back with the various artists compilation album Online V. This album features a variety of producers who have worked with Online Records in the past, including Hantasi and Oeoyvwxia. These tracks are the peculiar brand of vapornoise that has been Online Records’ want since its founding at the end of summer this year. For example, the Oeoyvwxia track “Trouble” is a stuttering ECCOJAMS-ish track with so much clipping that it sounds as if wind is blowing across the mic during the vocal parts. Magick Sharks’ “Aero Lifted” is quite similar to Chinese Hackers’ vaporgoth releases, Pure Light’s “Untitled” is pure lowercase, and Hyperwizard’s “Ghost Mirror” is creepy pure tones with some strange scraping-percussion-something. The compilation is available for $1 USD as a digital download, and is a good start for those interested in the Online Records discography.

Check it out below:



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