Dream Catalogue unveils the Vault XYO imprint

Shortly after the unveiling and almost-immediate closure of Vault EVE, the London-based label Dream Catalogue (owned by HKE and telepath) has opened the next “vault” in their ARG series of progressive electronica, ghost tech, and vapor(-ish) imprints, this time called Vault XYO. This vault is described on the imprint’s bandcamp page as being the “most ancient” of the vaults thus far; as of the launch, the only album available is Sleep Tsunami by Buried Angel, which features a pink-and-black visual aesthetic similar to I Am Chesumasuta by チェスマスター. Check it out for music similar to the darkness of TKX Vault but with the twisted glamor of some contemporary Dream Catalogue releases.

Check out Sleep Tsunami below, and access Vault XYO here:



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