prism tv – cryogenesis

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“prism tv” is a reference to the trope codifier of the broken transmission genre, prism genesis by fuji grid tv. cryogenesis is the only album from the prism tv project, and it’s a part of the overarching Telepathic Data Storage umbrella of releases from 2015-2016.1 As with prism genesis, prism tv’s album is a noisy mix of advertisements, radio/tv clips, and other sources from Japanese media mixed together with a firm layer of pitch/tempo-adjustment and lo-fi phasing. With three exceptions, all of the album’s twenty tracks are thirty seconds or less in length; it’s very much produced to be listened to in one full go rather than in excised segments. cryogenesis is even less musical than prism tv in the discursivity of the samples, and cryogenesis plays up the channel-flipping aesthetic of broken transmission more so than most other albums in this vaporwave subgenre. The filtering gives the whole album a pretty subdued quality; play this one louder than you normally would play broken transmission.

cryogenesis is a short release on which it’s worth spending nine minutes to see if it’s your thing, especially if you’re a huge fan of prism genesis. The style references will be lost on someone who hasn’t heard too much of broken transmission, and this isn’t the place to start with the subgenre. Really check it out if you’re into broken transmission and do some real digging; otherwise, not too much of note for the casual fan.



1. absence – (0:30)
2. christmas – (0:08)
3. commercial billboards / mind control – (0:16)
4. eternal loop – (0:26)
5. extra sonic / hell’s gates – (0:32)
6. extra sonic / useless counting – (0:32)
7. frozen – (0:24)
8. future – (0:52)
9. hologram realities – (0:57)
10. jeba – (0:28)
11. nonsense chants – (0:28)
12. nothing makes sense – (0:28)
13. nowhere / stuck – (0:20)
14. regardless – (0:32)
15. sony – (0:24)
16. telescreen laughs – (0:32)
17. to be or not to be – (0:12)
18. video – (0:28)
19. why’d they tell – (0:28)
20. zx death – (0:52)


1… releases that were deleted from the TDS catalogue in August 2016 and are being slowly re-released over time.


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