Pool House Ltd. releases the “BUY NOW: Vapor Trap Virtual Vol​.​1” compilation

Pool House Ltd. is back with a new compilation album titled BUY NOW: Vapor Trap Virtual Vol​.​1, which features twenty-five tracks of vaportrap and downtempo vaporwave music of artists on and off the label. At over an hour and a half in length, there’s no real way to describe each track, but suffice to say that BUY NOW: Vapor Trap Virtual Vol​.​1 is an effect primer at contemporary sounds within the vaportrap realm. It’s a good place for beginners to start looking outside of Blank Banshee and the like. There are plenty of old and new names on the list; featured artists include Bubble Keiki, PZA, VOYAGR, Encarta™, and King Quartz. Tracks range from spliffy and subdued (“MILKYWAY” by Apollo 64) to ambient chiptune (“- k u s h -” by Wong Thug). It’s available as a pay-what-you-want digital download; at the time of this writing, only six cassettes out of an edition of sixty are left for purchase at £8.89 each.

Check it out below:



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