ADOV – Exit

Recommendation: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Exit is only retroactively considered part of the ADOV project. Originally, it was titled 0 under A Deluge of Visions,1 from which neither music nor art has appeared since the album’s release in February 2016. Exit consists of a single twenty-five-minute drone/ambient piece mixed in with field recordings. It has several similarities to the 仮想夢プラザ project by telepath in its mystical aura and repetitive nature but with the edge of Exospirit, the previous ADOV release.

Fans of 2047’s NEXUS_DAWN (out on fellow Dream Catalogue imprint TKX Vault) may enjoy Exit, as both have a preponderance of low, murky drone. However, this same murkiness is also a flaw of Exit, which does not have a lot going on in it. The same synthesizer progression is recycled throughout the entire piece with little build-up outside of the first eight minutes, which features the slow but steady addition and subtraction of a deep bass underpinning that carries the track to its conclusion. A decent track for the die-hard fan of drone, but not the most necessary listen in the Nirvana Port catalogue.2



1. Exit – (25:41)


1As with most of my vaporwave primary material, the source is on reddit, here. The RateYourMusic tab for the Nirvana Port discography still lists the original release information; it’s not included under the ADOV discography.
2That being said, the red giant(?) album artwork is pretty cool in a 2001: A Space Odyssey sorta way.


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