AOTW | 28 November – 4 December: w u s o 命 – Lonely Streets

We just can’t get enough of cyberpunk over here. Lonely Streets is a 2016 release by w u s o 命, out on the UK label Crystaltone. Lonely Streets is a six-track album of being lost in city streets under bright and dark lights that is mixed together in a single half-hour set. It’s well-recommended for listeners who are fans of Dream Catalogue ambiance such as that of 2814, but Lonely Streets stands out in that it’s significantly influenced by club, dub, and techno music. It sounds like a soundtrack that focuses less on the lifestyle and atmosphere of the city and more on the character’s relationship to the city and – by extent – him or herself. It’s quite an intimate album, and it has more heart than most albums that try too hard to divorce themselves from humanity. It helps that it’s quite hard-hitting and active as well; this is an album that begs for late-night drives under the lights, wandering for the sake of wandering.

Read Sunbleach‘s review here, and check out the music below:



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