Ghost Organics announces the “DYNAMIC TIMES” compilation

Ghost Organics is back with a compilation album spanning thirty artists in as many tracks, called DYNAMIC TIMES. The tracks feature from all over the spectrum of vaporwave, dreampunk, and ghost tech; featured artists include Golden Living Room, Nmesh, toiret status, and CVN. At the moment, only a few tracks are available for streaming, which may be checked out below. Check it out if you’re looking for some very modern-sounding electronic music; DYNAMIC TIMES avoids a lot of the hypnagogic drift, classic-style vaporwave, and slushy type of dreampunk, instead opting for exceptionally crisp and clear sounds. It’s available for pre-order for $7 USD as a digital download and for $9 on cassette in an edition of 200; the album will be officially released on 20 December.

Check it out below:



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