Beer Wizard reissues two albums on cassette

Have you ever played Beer Wizard? It’s a drinking game: every time you open a can of beer or cider (or whatever), you tape it to the top of the cans you just drank, progressively adding more and more to make a wizard’s staff by the end of the night. You win if you have the most cans stacked. Good clean fun, I assure you. Anyway, the label Beer Wizard releases vaporwave and electronic music, and this weekend they reissued two albums from their catalogue on cassette: the horror-themed 9 Circles by KevinTheCreep and the classic-style Subliminal Romance by WΔll Flowers. The former album is two tracks at forty-five minutes each; the latter is “80’s, synthwave, funk, Law & Order, disorder, corruption, long nights on the beat, [and] catching the criminals”. 9 Circles has been reissued on black cassette for $7.77 USD each; Subliminal Romance, $7 USD. Check them out below:



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