BLCR Laboratories reissues three Reef Frequent tapes

Reef Frequent has been making music since 2015 (at least, within this particular alias), with most of the albums released on BLCR Laboratories. This week, BLCR reissued three albums on cassette that were previously sold-out: INTO THE AETHER, afterlife, and Return. INTO THE AETHER is a strange hip-hop, vaporwave, dreampunk, and house music hybrid; most tracks are between one and two minutes in length, drawing comparisons to the bite-sized tracks of artists such as TASPO. afterlife is entirely different, with tropes of dreampunk/deathdream, new age music, and progressive electronica. Finally, Return is similar to afterlife, but the tracks are generally longer and more experimental, incorporating post-rock textures and – at one point – even post-hardcore music. All albums are currently available for €4 EUR each, for €9 EUR each on cassette, and for €25 EUR in a bundle for all three cassettes. All cassettes are in an edition of twenty-five.

Check out each album below:



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