AOTW | 19 December – 25 December: Eyeliner – High Fashion Mood Music

Not vaporwave? Bite me. High Fashion Mood Music is a synthy extravaganza from Eyeliner. It’s the simplest of progressions on the simplest of keyboards with the simplest of production, and that very simplicity is what makes it a charming album that doesn’t take itself seriously in not taking itself seriously. Tracks are bouncy and lively with just enough glitz to betray their creation in the minds of some blank-faced corporate executives trying to find out how to cash in on the next new thing. Have you ever read The Manual by The KLF? Think of High Fashion Mood Music as a vaporwave result of that, except without any of the sardonic sneering that The KLF had in mind when they wrote their take-that at the music industry. High Fashion Mood Music is way too sincere in its enjoyment of early new wave sounds such noise, which is probably part of why it’s such a playful album. Check it out: it is certainly simple, but it is certainly too much fun.

Read Sunbleach review here, and check out the music below:



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