Dream Catalogue releases “VELTAHL” by R23X

Announced along with the reissue of HK by HKE, VELTAHL is Dream Catalogue’s end-of-the-year album by R23X. This release is…. for lack of better words, unclassifiable – which is not a bad thing! It’s pretty much unlike anything that Dream Catalogue has put out in their past, even if the album artwork looks like it might be throwing back to classic-style vaporwave with the pseudo-anime/video game aesthetic. Tracks touch trap music (“Project VELTAHL”, “Low HP”), dark ambient (“INSERT DISC 01”), IDM (“Auto-Recover”), and glitchy dreampunk (“Critical”). It’s available for £4 GBP as a digital download and for £14 GBP on turquoise vinyl in an edition of 500.

Check it out below:



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