VentureX – Together

Recommendation: ✂ (“Together”, “All That You Got”, “Get It (feat. Saint Pepsi)”, “Homecoming”, “Hot”)

Together: a catchy example of future funk out on the Stratford Ct. label. As with future funk pioneers/popularizers such as Yung Bae, マクロスMACROSS 82-99, and Flamingosis, VentureX combines French house with the sampling aesthetic of vaporwave music. Basically, if you’ve ever been curious how vaporwave would sound if it sourced funk music instead of easy listening, then here’s your answer. Four-on-the-floor beats abound, and as Andrew W.K. would say, this album is very party.

As with most future funk releases, the main shtick of Together is high equalization of extant funk/pop songs with additional percussion and some disco influence. It’s faux nostalgia, sure – as if these songs are being reimagined by a teenager who grew up listening to mom and dad’s records – but that’s part of the charm of future funk, and in no way is that supposed to be a negative on this record or the subgenre. If anything, that’s half the fun: looking back on these songs and reinterpreting them in a modern style that demonstrates the musical upbringing of the producer. A lot of the sourced tracks also sound just fine on their own; as with many future funk releases, it’s nigh-necessary to look up the original tracks if you enjoy these mixes. Think of albums such as Together as a curated introduction to old-school funk, pop, and R&B.

The percussion is mixed quite loudly, which occasionally disrupts the track as the equalization causes a shift in volume from the other instruments; “First Love” is particularly egregious. Some tracks flow together like a house dance set, such as from “You Are…” through “Get It”. Were the album to be entirely stitched together like that, it would be even more of a fun time. Speaking of “You Are…”, the single-double-quadruple time speed up make it an excellent track. “Get It” features Saint Pepsi; an influence that abounds on Together. “Keep on Moving” features some sampling fun familiar to fans of The Avalanches.

Due to the sheer focus on non-stop uptempo dance times and simple production style, Together has the same mood and same feeling throughout its run; check out the chosen cuts first and see if it’s your thing. If you like what you hear, then definitely give the whole album a shot.



1. Expore Your Life – (3:47)
2. Together – (5:15)
3. Give Me – (3:18)
4. You Are… – (4:54)
5. All That You Got – (3:19)
6. Get It (feat. Saint Pepsi) – (2:48)
7. First Love – (3:47)
8. Roses – (3:01)
9. Homecoming – (3:53)
10. Keep on Moving – (0:48)
11. Gonna Find What I’m Looking For – (4:00)
12. Lost in Music – (2:50)
13. So Lonely – (3:31)
14. Hot – (2:40)
15. Pool Girl – (3:35)
16. Show Me – (4:35)
17. Say It – (2:46)
18. The Touch – (3:47)
19. Light Show – (3:02)
20. Take Hold of Me – (4:16)


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