BLCR Laboratories releases “reflection” by 아버지

BLCR Laboratories is out with new music from 아버지, titled reflection, which also comes with a cassette and digital re-release of 2015’s 흰색 죽음. reflection is a coalescence of deathdream and ECCOJAMS, using similar production styles as ECCOJAMS in the CD-skipping/samplism bent but with the lugubriousness of gloomy deathdream. Listen to it if you’re a fan of some of Oneohtrix Point Never’s progressive electronica works on Rifts, in addition to Skeleton’s 骨架的. The track “sinking in” deserves particular mention. It’s available for €4 EUR as a digital download and for €9 EUR on red cassette in an edition of fifty.

Check it out below:



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