VCR releases “Mistress EP” by Trademarks & Copyrights / VITO蒸気の波を行います

Mistress EP is a split EP between Trademarks and Copyrights and VITO蒸気の波を行います – the latter of whom I’m assuming is the founder and owner of Verbatim Consciousness Recordings and its parent label DMT Tapes FL. These six tracks are classic-style vaporwave music that sample adult contemporary/R&B tracks. The Trademarks & Copyrights albums are quite straightforward; VITO蒸気の波を行います’s have an extra layer of dust to them with a bit of slush that you can just pick out. As with all of VCR and DMT Tapes FL’s catalogue, the album is available as a pay-what-you-want digital download.

Check it out below:



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