AOTW | 20 February – 26 February: Digital Sex – Zones

The name “Digital Sex” just screams vaporwave. The odd sensuality of the Internet laid bare – no pun intended. Zones is the artist’s 2016 release, following the well-received Overgrowth collaboration with Oscob. Zones is twelve tracks, each of which is themed around a different “zone” – e.g. “MINUS ZONE”, “EMPTY ZONE”, and “ICE CAVERN ZONE” – with some video game music influences. It’s classic-style vaporwave akin to bl00dwave and 18 Carat Affair: a bit of hypnagogic, electronic flavor added to the samplism of 骨架的. Give it a listen if you’re curious about classic-style in a different sense than Fortune 500 and Elemental 95.

Read the Sunbleach review here, and listen to the music below:



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