Kaiseki Digital releases “Rainy Night in Hachioji” by Club Fantasy

I wonder what it is about Florida that makes it such a hotbed of vaporwave labels. It couldn’t be the obsession with palm trees, beach life, and romance – could it? No. At least not in north Florida. But then again, there are several labels in the college towns of Tallahassee and Gainesville alone, so who knows? Anyway, Rainy Night in Hachioji by Club Fantasy is out on Kaiseki Digital, one of such Floridian labels that are based in Gainesville. This release is a ten-minute EP of late night lo-fi music with a hint of the atmospheric cyberpunk feel. Check it out if you’re interested in downtempo vaporwave that doesn’t dip as far into pure ambiance like Remember of 2814. It has vocals, too! Rainy Night in Hachioji is available for $4 USD as a digital download; the cassettes are already sold out.

Check it out below:



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