V//Tomo – Two Weeks EP

Recommendation: ☀☁☁

There’s a lot of this type of vaporwave out there on the market. You know the kind: short EP of ECCOJAMS tracks where the songs reverbbbb a lot and the vocalist ends up sounding like a robot soul singer with a magnet on his head. So, when is it actually worth hearing and when is it just bunk? Well, for one, there’s gotta be more than just reverb-plus-pop-hit. Take a look at Two Weeks EP by V//Tomo, for example. “Accent” is an ECCOJAMS remix of “Little Lies” by Fleetwood Mac1 with a slushy production style that takes full advantage of stero mixing without crossing into the territory of “annoying”: the song reverberates from left to right before coming back to the center of the mix upon the start of the bridge. The extreme slowness of “理解していません” emphasizes the plodding percussion to create something almost like four-on-the-floor; it wisely foregoes the extreme THUD-THUD that is the bane of many a vaporhop track for a thump-thump that encourages popping and avoids blasting out the eardrums. It’s still loud, though; the kind of loud that can be all-encompassing on a good set of speakers (or headphones). Oh, and definitely don’t forget the waves-crashing ambiance of “Baby, I Can See You” – the song that single-handedly bumped up the rating up.

Another ECCOJAMS EP? Sure, but damn if it doesn’t do it right. Now we gotta wait for the full-length.


1. Narita – (1:00)
2. Accent – (2:16)
3. 理解していません – (3:32)2
4. Golden Week – (3:04)
5. Baby, I Can See You – (5:08)


1If you don’t recognize it, your parents almost certainly will. They probably had sex to this song. They might still do so.
2Japanese translation: “I do not understand”


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