Jin – Jin

Recommendation: ☀☁☁

Released at the tail end of 2016, the eponymous album by Jin represents the darker side of Acid Medical. Not that the kidcore label was anything amiable – its very nature is Stepford mania – but Jin represents the opposite of the excess that’s present in thunder carnival and Total Destruction. Along with Walled City, this six-track EP is the hardvapor release of Acid Medical, forgoing future funk and drone for stark and minimal industrial techno beats. There are no wafting tones, anime tunes, or video game non sequiturs – just creeping noise with plodding percussion that barely moves each track along its (albeit short) runtime. Songs are given surprisingly grisly titles like “Rot”, “Spinal Breakage”, and “Brain Chant”. If UNDERDOSE is the pleasant seduction of anesthesia, then Jin is the grim reality of a questionably ethical surgery.1



1. Rot – (4:20)
2. Spinal Breakage – (3:12)
3. Brain Chant – (1:53)
4. Rattle – (1:24)
5. Gladiate – (1:25)
6. Eyes – (0:05)




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