gorepup – animal crossing

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animal crossing is the first album released on the Acid Medical label. It was created by gorepup, the label’s founder and a co-owner of BLCR Laboratories. animal crossing features several tracks of drone and glitchy electronica, representing an early example of the “kidcore” in which Acid Medical specializes. Those who are fans of UNDERDOSE by メディカル will enjoy animal crossing for similar reasons: the skittering drone is pretty entrancing, and none of the songs stretch so far as to lose one’s attention. Even the longest song – “rose” – never feels its sixteen-minute length.

Despite the garish presentation that accompanies many of the Acid Medical releases, animal crossing is notable in how restrained it is. Even the album artwork isn’t all that in-your-face: just an image of a balloon present drifting among the clouds with some of the distortion that appears if you try to take a photo of a CRT TV screen.1 The closest the album gets to anything “loud” would be on “bells”, which features some stringed instrument plucking and dark ambient rumblings. “the roost” features a toy piano that evokes the playfulness of animal crossing‘s titular video game.

It’s definitely too listless to be interpreted as an alternate soundtrack to Animal Crossing (and it wasn’t gorepup’s intention to make it so), but the passiveness of Acid Medical’s debut still makes it great for a few rounds of sonic narcosis.



1. kapp’n – (0:29)
2. the roost – (2:48)
3. rose – (16:30)
4. nook – (9:53)
5. bells – (2:45)
6. end – (7:53)


1Back in the late-90s, the creators of Pokemon Snap encouraged players to take actual photos of Pokemon and send them in for potential prizes. I’d always get too excited and end up with a glitched-up mess upon developing the photos at Walgreens. Oh well, it was still fun!


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