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WALLED CITY by SLЏMS is the hardvapor release of Acid Medical, a recognition it shares with Jin’s self-titled album. Sporting the only Acid Medical release by someone outside of the BLCR Laboratories roster, SLЏMS1 utilizes the dark techno music of hardvapor in ways similar to Antifur and wosX. WALLED CITY features plenty of ultra-compressed percussion, cavernous dark ambient, and half-glitched-out synthesized sounds. At a half-hour long, it’s about double the runtime of Jin, and it’s able to keep up the industrial dance vibe for the whole way. “WASTE // NET” has several bits that sound like Atari 2600 explosions. It has little – if anything – to do with the “kidcore” and “post-vore” aesthetics of Acid Medical, which makes WALLED CITY something of an aberration in an already thoroughly weird output. Check it out if you liked the Jin release and wanted something a bit more jagged.



1. WALLED CITY (ENTER) – (3:51)
2. WASTE // NET – (5:48)
3. DEV – (2:27)
4. TOWER – (6:02)
5. DSCN0000 (INTERLUDE) – (1:25)
6. ICECRYSTAL – (3:28)
7. MOUNTAIN MIX – (3:05)


1 The “Џ” is the Cyrllic letter pronounced like “dzhe”. Think of the “j” in “jump”.


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