Thunder Dash – Total Destruction

Recommendation: ☹

Total Destruction came about when the founder of Acid Medical decided that there weren’t any noise music albums based on My Little Pony to which it was worth listening. The results of this effort culminated in this three-track EP, released on Acid Medical toward the end of February 2017.

This album is more like a teaser than it is a fully fleshed-out release. Other than the album artwork, only one track has anything to do with MLP, and that’s the remix of “Winter Wrap-Up” from the TV show. Although billed as an MLP noise release, the remix isn’t all that noisey: it’s just the original song with some loverlaid percussion and electronic effects. It could easily use more glitch and screw, like what Merzbow does on his “remix” singles of full-lengths.1 The intro is a standard stuttering glitch track. “Lets Get the Party Started” is the longest song at just under twelve minutes in length; it’s another take on the drone that permeates the kidcore of Acid Medical.

Overall, the idea has potential, but Total Destruction feels very unfinished.



1. Intro (Intro) – (2:09)
2. Let’s Get the Party Started – (11:57)
3. Winter Wrap Up [Thunder Dash remix] – (3:39)


1E.g. that of The Inalienable Dreamless by Discordance Axis.


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