The lights in TKX Vault briefly turned on in early November 2016 after nearly four months of silence to release DECISION MOMENT by ULTRACOMPUTER. Neither announcement nor recognition accompanied it, despite its replacing of Disgraceful. by Shima33 in catalogue number (26). TKX Vault closed following the release of Hong Kong Express by HKE, the final album of the Hong Kong Express project and the fiftieth release on the label. Following such a community-recognized landmark release, the addition of DECISION MOMENT to the Vault’s archives almost felt like an afterthought, as if it were a one-measure coda to the impressive extant collection. At eleven tracks in nine minutes, DECISION MOMENT is one of the shortest releases in the history of TKX Vault, not to mention parent label Dream Catalogue and other imprints Nirvana Port, Vault EVE, and Vault XYO. It’s a quiet release that consists of short blips and repeated fragments from unidentifiable sources – similar to INFINITE 新しい生命システムの音 (the first ULTRACOMPUTER) album, but far more subdued. It has none of the bombast and certainly none of the deathly atmospherics of other late-run albums such as Huylowave and вовки тіні, and that’s exactly its strength. TKX Vault began way back in 2014 with the abrasive Y.2089; in contrast, the final (for now?) ULTRACOMPUTER album is simply pleasant.

Read the Sunbleach review here, and check out the music below:



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