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HAPPY is a three-track EP on Vault XYO, the third of Dream Catalogue’s Vault series of imprints. It was created by KEITOBOT, an engimatic character hinted at being related to Keito Shimuguchi, who released two drone and vapornoise works on TKX Vault.1 HAPPY is a strange semi-noise work that contains elements of hardvapor and ghost tech music. Leading off is “I WAS HERE”, which features a meandering keyboard progression along with audible static and crackle. At eight minutes, “HAPPY FUN” takes up almost half the run-time of the EP; it’s a discordance track with a strangely languid pace and a high-pitched ringing sound. Finally, “DESERT ROSE” is five minutes of (somewhat ambient) techno that continues the pace of “HAPPY FUN” (sans the percussion) and brings back the static of “I WAS HERE”. All three tracks feature stereo screw that invokes a malfunctioning device – a common feature in HKE projects such as Vision Girl and ULTRACOMPUTER.

A difficult release, but a rewarding one for fans of digital obsolescence.



1. I WAS HERE – (3:16)
2. HAPPY FUN – (8:48)
3. DESERT ROSE – (5:41)


1Dilation of the Soul Electronic and Memories of a Dead Future.


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