Fréquences Sacrées – Autres temps, autres mœurs

Recommendation: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Autres temps, autres mœurs is a drone track produced by HKE as Fréquences Sacrées.1 In twenty-six minutes, this single-track release is basically staring at the sun in music form. Entirely beatless, Autres temps, autres mœurs utilizes grating (and LOUD) tones that progress through an ascending and descending cycle for most of its length. It’s roughly split into three drone parts that are laid on top of one another: one tonic that provides the baseline, one that repeats the ascension/descent, and another that provides the occasional base to round out the chords. The drones themselves are heavily distorted; this is one of the few music pieces with which I can use the word “buzzing” in full context, because it sounds like a hive of angry bees stuck within a synthesizer.

It’s not all that varied; for most of its run-time, Autres temps, autres mœurs sticks to the same compositional cycle. For some, that’s the point of drone. For others, its blaring dissonance will be little more than blaring. If you enjoyed La fin de la ligne, you’ll likely enjoy this. They’re quite different, but both build off establishing drones that are introduced from the beginning of the track and continue throughout its entire length. Autres temps, autres mœurs is not one of the necessary TKX Vault albums, but those who are heavily into noise and drone may find it rewarding.



1. Autres temps, autres mœurs – (26:11)


1Back in my day, it was called Sacred Frequencies. Damn kids, changing up their monikers.


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