Announcement: Normally Scheduled Programming

Honestly? It was tempting to stay as SUNNbleach. I have so much useless knowledge about heavy metal stored from the past several years that needs to get out.

Anyway, now that the beginning of April is over, Sunbleach is back to normally scheduled programming of all things related to vaporwave, dreampunk, and ghost tech! One thing that will be carrying over from the weekend: I was serious about a new interview, but not with a metal artist. In a few days’ time, we will have an interview posted with Fla.mingo that was conducted by Sonnig 991!

New music updates from the last few days will be uploaded shortly. As always, thanks for reading Sunbleach, and I hope that you rolled your eyes and maybe smiled a little bit this past weekend.

(Seriously though, SUNNbleach might be a thing one day.)



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