Bedlam Tapes double release: Finlii and Ben Zimmerman

Here’s a couple new albums that were released on Bedlam Tapes yesterday. Skyscrapers by Finlii is a sixteen-track full-length release that calls to mind the MIDI fun of Eyeliner and other retro-synth artists but with a distinct clarity of sound that takes it away from MIDI’s muzak sound. Two tracks feature P A T H S パス, a hypnagogic drift artist who’s released on several labels thus far, such as Elemental 95. The other album is PSYMULCASTER by Ben Zimmerman, who previously released The Headhunters on Asura Revolver. PSYMULCASTER is another full-length of chillwave/vaporwave mix with a similar retro-synth aesthetic as the Finlii album, except this one is oriented toward dance. Both albums are available as pay-what-you-want digital downloads and for $10 USD each on cassette in editions of fifty.

Check them out below:



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