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Hyperbattle is an ongoing series of contests currently spearheaded by V//Tomo that began last year to encourage novel production among vaporwave artists. Originally hosted on the /r/vaporwave subreddit, Hyperbattle requires producers to create a track using a previously-chosen sample in a certain amount of time, and then listeners vote to decide the tracks that most successfully utilized the sample. For example, one of the first Hyperbattles required producers to use a sample of David Bowie’s final album Blackstar.

The winner of the Hyperbattle contest then goes on to decide the sample for the next contest. At the beginning of 2017, Hyperbattle began releasing compilations of submitted tracks on Bandcamp once per month. Artists may receive further discussion and criticism of their tracks through the Hyperbattle subreddit and through activity on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Tracks are chosen through anonymous polling web sites that hide personally identifiable information.

Hyperbattle recently began an additional series of contests called Hypertrials. Hypertrials are monthly contests that take place starting the 1st of every month that specifically focus on certain subgenres of vaporwave music. There are no restrictions except that the track must be new material produced within the required timeframe. Winners may receive rare or new vaporwave memorabilia such as out-of-print cassettes. Additionally, open submissions are open every other month starting on the 15th (for example, the next one will begin on 15 May). The top five of each open submission challenge that year will face off again in December to win a prize – for 2017, it’s a C32 cassette by power_lunch.

This past month featured the first Hypertrial, which centered around ECCOJAMS and resulted in a compilation of seventeen tracks from producers of various levels of recognition. The first place winner was Taste with the track “Poolside”, followed by minddrive with “dont make me wait” and Captain Ersatz with “Accela Overdose”. Other artists featured on the compilation include Stevia, haircuts for men, yung feen, and VHS MIDNIGHT STYLE. Naturally, the songs are produced entirely within the style pioneered by Daniel Lopatin on Chuck Person’s ECCOJAMS Vol. 1, which has since become one of the most influential albums in the vaporwave subculture.

For more information on Hyperbattle and ways to get involved in contests, check out the subreddit here. You may also follow Hyperbattle’s twitter account via @Hyperbattle_Ltd (accessible here). The Hyperbattle compilations are accessible through their Bandcamp page at this link; as of this writing, they are all available as free digital downloads.

Check out the full compilation to the ECCOJAMS Hypertrial below:


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