Adhesive Sounds releases “This Is Reverbnetics” by バーチャルボーイA T S U x Lisergishnu

Here’s a new collaboration between バーチャルボーイA T S U and Lisergishnu out on Adhesive Sounds. Both artists have been producing music for a while within the vaporwave scene, and the former is no stranger to collaborative albums in the vaporwave community. This Is Reverbnetics is kinda ambient-ish, lo-fi music with a retro electronica aesthetic. Think of what some of Brian Eno’s output could’ve been if he didn’t try to get back into art rock in the 90s and instead embraced burgeoning downtempo music. Is that to Pitchfork of a metaphor? Oh well. It’s available as a pay-what-you-want digital download and for $10 CAD on cassette in an edition of twenty-five.

Check it out below:



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