AOTW 17 April – 23 April: Lindsheaven Virtual Plaza – NTSC Memories

NTSC Memories is an ode to late nights spent on the brink of falling asleep with cable TV playing in the background before falling on “sleep” mode. This release by Lindsheaven Virtual Plaza is the quintessential classic-style vaporwave album, by which samples are recontextualized from their original sources to create works of arts divorced or in light of their former meaning. In contrast to the smooth jazz and slow jams of similar classic-style vaporwave, NTSC Memories is pretty downtempo with some elements of lo-fi ambient production. One of the best examples is the second track – “Weather Scanning” – which utilizes a sample of an Amy Winehouse song. Highly recommended for anyone interested in samplism, vaporwave notwithstanding!

Read the Sunbleach review here, and check out the music below:



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