Floristic Regions – พืชกระท่อม

Recommendation: ☹

พืชกระท่อม1 is a seven-track EP from Occasionally Tapes by Floristic Regions. Reissued in 2016, Floristic Regions’ debut release is pure mallsoft, taking muzak and smooth jazz to their reverbed extreme with a bit of phasing in an imaginary plant store. If you’ve heard mallsoft before, then you know what to expect here. The album is promoted as having “exotic ‘world music’ vibes”, but I can’t say that there’s any of that here. Generally speaking, it’s a straightforward mallsoft album within the wonderful world of mindless shopping instrumental music. It’s a shame, because the concept of world music in mallsoft (especially Thai music) is something that really hasn’t been touched all that much except by a few producers such as 식료품groceries. Were พืชกระท่อม to follow through on that emphasis to the extent by which it is promoted, then it’d be worth far more listens than it is now, as it is just more mallsoft that’s ironically becoming the multiplicative identity that it originally parodied.



1. Appearance – (3:13)
2. Exotic Leafs – (1:56)
3. Red Vein – (2:59)
4. Crowd Out – (1:53)
5. Ceremonial Indicator – (2:15)
6. Whorl Calyx – (2:36)
7. Earthy Fresh – (1:54)


1Thai translation: “House plants”


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