BLCR Laboratories releases “Future City Love Stories” by Future City Love Stories

Future City Love Stories is the second album from the eponymous project by HKE, one of the foremost and most prolific producers in dreampunk, vaporwave, and ghost tech – not to mention cyberpunk-themed music at large. This release was originally produced toward the end of 2015 (for which I totally had a citation but now I can’t find it). In contrast to the first FCLS album – which was twenty-two minutes long and only one of its twelve tracks reached past three minute – this one is produced as a single long-form cyberpunk ambient track. The first FCLS release is also featured as a second (newly collated) track, now titled “Yau Tsim Mong”. If you’ve been into 2814, recent telepath (e.g. Guardian), and rainy days, then you’ll be into this. It’s available for €4 EUR as a digital download and for €9 EUR on cassette in an edition of 100.

Check it out below:



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