LOTW | 8 May – 14 May: Smirk Sounds

The second week in May is a new label feature! This time, it’s on Smirk Sounds, following Acid Medical in March and Nirvana Port last November.

Smirk Sounds is a label based out of Dublin, Ireland that focuses on “the smuggest experimental and vapour releases from around the world”.1 Many of its releases fall into the realms of ambient vaporwave, glitch music, classic-style, and hypnagogic drift. Their diverse roster includes a variety of artists who have since begun their own labels or have been featured on other high-profile cyberpunk labels. Currently featured are the likes of R0x4ry (Asura Revolver), LeonLS (Antifur), methyr (& Options), and s a k i 夢 (Tetra Systems).

After silence for several months, Smirk Sounds posted an update on 22 April that announced revitalization of the label through the addition of a new co-owner, the invitation of open submissions to producers (including re-submissions from albums that might have been missed in the past), and the creation of a compilation of tracks from artists in the experimental cyberpunk/vaporwave scene.

Smirk Sounds was founded on 9 May 2016; tomorrow, it will celebrate its first year anniversary. An official statement provided by the label via co-owner Krishtie is below:

On May the 9th 2017, Smirk Sounds will be celebrating its one year anniversary! To celebrate, we will be releasing a compilation album showcasing the talents of various artists within the realms of vaporwave, vapour and experimental electronic music. Submissions are open to all until July the 9th. Email: smirksounds@gmail.com

As with previous label features, this week will consist of reviews from several Smirk Sounds albums and an interview with Nathan, the founder of the label. Check back each day to this page as we compile a list of Smirk Sounds releases discussed on Sunbleach.


1I’ll ignore the “u” in “vapor” just this once. But just this once.


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