No Problema Tapes releases “в петропавловске​-​камчатском полночь” by точка мировой торговли частотных модуляций

It means In Petropavlovsk-Kamchatka at midnight, if you were wondering. This release out on Chilean label No Problema Tapes is twenty-three tracks of classic-style vaporwave. Much of the album is constructed by layering sampled muzak and 90s-computer music over pitch-/tempo-shifted spoken word, which I assume is Russian judging by the album title and artist name. Recommended for fans of DECISION MOMENT by ULTRACOMPUTER and other low-key classic-style vaporwave albums. It’s available for $2 USD as a digital download; all physical editions are currently sold out, except for three more VHS copies for $18.50 USD.

Check it out below:



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