Dream Catalogue releases “Astrocide (Part I)” by Shinatama

Dream Catalogue is one of the mainstays of modern cyberpunk music. They’re back with Astrocide (Part I), the third release on DC by Shinatama. This nine-track (eleven if you count two remixes) is ambient music with significant influences from East Asian culture. Although most tracks are instrumental, a voice sings distorted Japanese lyrics a few times – as on “Lucifer and the Huntress” and “Emerge from the Forest”. More than the other Shinatama albums, Astrocide (Part I) nods to space music, and occasionally there are a few moments of electronic-rock like the kind with which Radiohead experimented on The King of Limbs (again, “Lucifer and the Huntress”). It’s available for £4 GBP as a digital download and for £9 on cassette in an edition of 150. The three-cassette bundles of past Shinatama albums on DC are already sold out.

Check it out below:



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