AOTW 22 May – 28 May: death’s dynamic shroud.wmv – #NUWRLDの気持ち

Here’s a weird one, and I’m sure that the creators would agree. #NUWRLDの気持ち by death’s dynamic shroud.wmv gave rise to the titular NUWRLD movement within vaporwave, which is the auditory equivalent of deep fried memes. Tracks are constructed much like classic-style vaporwave – samples of video games, pop music, and muzak – but they’re wrung and contorted to an almost unrecognizable degree. Many tracks have a hypodermic feeling to them, as if they’ve been stretched to ambient music levels but without the degradation that typically accompanies such a production technique. Mix that with the most ostentatious cover artwork this side of MARKET WORLD by ショッピングワールドjp, and you’ve got NUWRLD. #NUWRLDの気持ち is only part of a long series of albums from dds.wmv that notably includes the four-hour behemoth that is DERELICTメガタワー; those interested in the movement or subgenre’s (whichever?) existence should consider #NUWRLDの気持ち required listening.

Read the Sunbleach review here, and check out the music below:



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