Beer on the Rug releases “LOUD FORMATIONS” by VRTUA

At the risk of coming across as totally lazy, the promo blurb from Beer on the Rug regarding LOUD FORMATIONS by VRTUA is pretty interesting, so I’m just going to copy and paste it from them:

Loud Formations is a varied collection of works from over the past 4 years, exploring the aesthetics of the YM2612 sound chip’s FM synthesis. To use the sounds, YM2612 patches were converted via a python script into Yamaha DX7 SYX files. The album aims to evoke the postmodern aesthetic of the early to mid 90s through reverse emulation. The YM2612 is basically a stripped down Yamaha DX7, and the music produced for the YM2612 (Sega™ Genesis) chip emulated the sometimes outdated sounds of New Jack Swing, R&B, Pop, Hip-Hop, Techno, and commercial Muzak. The songs on this album aim to explore those genres, in an updated vernacular, with a compiled YM2612 patch library.

Composed and produced by Vrtua in San Francisco, Toronto, Tokyo, & Miami 2013-2017

Wow. Give it a listen if you’re looking for retro sounds that are seriously retro, with a bit of house-sounding stuff and fourth-generation video game music for good measure. It’s available for $9.99 USD as a digital download.

Check it out below:



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