Dream Catalogue releases “Atavism” by Yoshimi

Dream Catalogue returns for their fifth album of 2017: Atavism by Yoshimi (no, not of the pink robots kind). Atavism is ten tracks of dreampunk music, which combines ambient music somewhat similar to ambient vaporwave with cyberpunk themes and a modern production bent. This releases seeks to combine “electronics and the traditional sounds from [Yoshimi’s] homeland”, sounding similar to the soundtrack releases of Wounds and Jeremy Soule. There are also several moments of “Japanese hell trap”, such as the dubby workout of “Possession and Occurring”, which will appeal to fans of HKE’s recent sojourns into ghost tech and albums such as I Am Chesumasuta by チェスマスター. It’s available for £4 GBP as a digital download and for £14 GBP on red vinyl in an edition of 500.

Check it out below:



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