「newtype」 – Virtual Coast

Recommendation: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Originally released in May 2015, Virtual Coast received a cassette release through Fantasy Deluxe a year later on 4/20.1 Was that on purpose? Almost definitely, given that 「newtype」 also goes by Newtype420. This album is an eight-track EP of straightforward classic-style vaporwave, beginning with Brian Eno’s nigh-ubiquitous Windows start-up jingle that filters into a smooth jazz saxophone solo. The album’s glitchy artwork is similar to Crystal Clear by //◭// hd netscape //◭//, and it includes that 90s “Compact Disc+” tag in the lower right-hand corner.

Virtual Coast takes significant influence from the Fortune 500 line of classic-style vaporwave releases. Each of the eight tracks have a dusty production quality with significant mid-range influence, with additional degradation being quite audible on tracks such as “Sky 傾斜度”. Occasionally, 「newtype」 includes some skipping effects, as with “街view”, which stutters along similar to DMT Tapes FL classic-style releases. Virtual Coast plays it too close to the standard classic-style vaporwave tropes to stand out from the crowd as much as it might like, but there are a few moments here and there (especially on ” 街view”) that might be worth checking out for the classic-style enthusiast.



1. Off Shore – (1:04)
2. 波浪 – (2:25)1
3. 街view – (3:13)2
4. 余所者lovers – (2:24)3
5. 運転手 – (1:22)4
6. balconyヘイズ – (1:53)
7. Sky 傾斜度 – (3:38)5
8. Fading Transmission – (1:43)


1Japanese translation: “Wave”
2Japanese translation: “City view”
3Japanese translation: “Lovers”
4Japanese translation: “Driver”
5Japanese translation: “(Sky) Slope”


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