[News] TKX Vault starts up again, issues new music, deletes several albums

TKX Vault was a label run as an imprint of Dream Catalogue that primarily focused on experimental, drone, and noise-based releases within the contexts of both vaporwave (especially the early albums) and dreampunk. The label’s original run went from September 2014 to June 2016, with a one-off release by ULTRACOMPUTER silently issued after the label’s closure in October 2016. With the opening and brief release schedule of Vault XYO and Vault EVE (neither of which have released new music in several months), it was assumed that TKX Vault had ended its chapter.

This morning EST, a Twitter post by チェスマスター (Chesumasuta) announced a new series of TKX Vault releases, enigmatically saying that the Vaults were no longer being overseen by the HEKAT Company (a fictitious company that is said to be in charge of uncovering releases within the Vaults). A new チェスマスター release was teased somewhat a couple weeks ago upon posting two new tracks to his Soundcloud account.

Infinity of a Void dropped as the 51st album on TKX Vault, designating “a new cycle” to TKX Vault. Infinity of a Void is a six-track EP of dreampunk music. It includes a feature by KEITOBOT (a チェスマスター alias) via “光の中に”. It’s available as a pay-what-you-want digital download.

Coinciding with the re-launch of TKX Vault is the elimination of five albums from the TKX Vault catalogue. There is no further information concerning why they were deleted. The missing albums are:

  • Penthouse Apartment – Trump
  • 2047 – NEXUS_DAWN [EDIT 31 July 2017: this album has since been restored as NEXUS DAWN by DREAMTEK.]
  • 暗い自然 – Bleed [EDIT 6 August 2017: this album has since been restored.]
  • UNFR – Holy Forest[EDIT 6 August 2017: this album has since been restored as Holy Forest
    by Unknown Forever.]

Check out Infinity of a Void below:




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